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A review of Shijuu Kara

Shiju Kara by Sakai Eri, is a slice of life/romance manga targeted towards mature audiences. It focuses on the life of a 40 year old married woman named Shinobu, a housewife, mother and manga assistant who has grown dissatisfied with her life as a whole for various reasons but regardless just carries on...Click to continue reading.


The end of Himawari-San, the end of an era

Himawari-san was one of my favourite manga of the last 10 years, I discovered it in 2012/2013 and I’ve been reading it ever since one chapter at a time. It is the product of Sugano Manami and it is in all honesty an enjoyable read....Click to continue reading.


Fantastic Japanese artists found via Twitter

Japan is full of really classy artists, indeed they’re so numerous sadly. I say sadly because it’s literally impossible to ever behold all of their art because there are so many. It’s like the universe in that we can only see what is in the observable universe, the rest past the boundary unreachable forever.....Click to continue reading.


A Review of Bibliomania

Bibliomania, biblio (book) and mania (an excessive enthusiasm for) I think it sums it up pretty well, it is quite a short manga being only like 12 chapters barely enough to make a volume but it’s really quite something to behold, thought provoking, terrifying, loaded with metaphors, and euphemisms, a look at the human condition; not always the best parts either. The manga, Bibliomania is many things but one thing’s for sure it’ll likely leave it’s mark on you....Click to continue reading.


A review of Hope

Hope is a manga about an aspiring shoujo mangaka (manga artist who makes manga marketed at girls). All dreams start somewhere and this story starts with the protagonist at school as she first discovers her love for drawing manga despite various challenges such as annoying students, ignorant teachers and less than supportive parents.....Click to continue reading.